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The Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme

13 December 2018

History of Art Department is seeking applications for The Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme

Cabinet of Obsolete Technologies

The Laidlaw Programme aims to create the leaders of the future through a mix of training and intensive summer research periods. It is open to current first year undergraduate students in any discipline.

Applications are now open for first year undergraduates interested to work in our Department!

Research Project: Cabinet of Obsolete Technologies: Creating a Teaching and Research Collection 

Supervisor Name: Hanna Hölling

Email Address: h.holling@ucl.ac.uk

Supervisor Department: History of Art   

Supervisor Faculty: Social and Historical Sciences

Summary of Main Research Project: This project aims to continue develop The Cabinet of Obsolete Technologies, a teaching collection of media and technologies at the UCL Department of History of Art. 

Summary of Scholar’s Project: The scholar(s) will be responsible for cataloguing, developing, and managing The Cabinet of Obsolete Technologies under the supervision of Dr Hanna Hölling. Moreover, the scholar(s) will be asked to conduct research to identify teaching collections with similar characteristics, affordances, and contents within UCL and externally. The scholar(s) will contribute to UCL’s research in general, and to research taking place at the Department of History of Art in particular, working with academic staff on a variety of aspects related to the collection. The scholar(s) will be able to develop and practice leadership skills by conducting supervised research and put his or her skills into practice, which might contribute to their success in the future career.

Additional information: We are open to a diversity of profiles and backgrounds. The scholar should bring a dedication to and passion for the subject matter. 

Further information:

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Specific questions regrading the project can be directed to h.holling@ucl.ac.uk