History of Art


Seeing Double

A Symposium on Old and New Technologies

Seeing Double Photo

Image courtesy of the artist: Lucy Raven

Thursday 9 October at 6pm

This symposium takes as its subject the relationship between technology and history. How do we define 'new' and 'old' technologies? Does one necessarily follow from or develop in line with the other? More importantly, what do these tales of development tell us about the relationships between man and machine, the worker and the collective, in our present and future? Each of the papers presented in this symposium will consider these questions by 'looking back' and working through how they were posed in a range of filmic and photographic practices in the 1930s. The speakers, in turn, are less concerned with tracing influence or precedence than with the ways in which technologies are 'old' and 'new' already in their own time.

Location: UCL Department History of Art (20 Gordon Square), Seminar Room 3&4

This event is free, but spaces are limited.