History of Art



Academic Staff

Joshua Hill


Dr Joshua Hill


Conservation of wall painting, wall painting teachnology in a global context, environmental causes of deterioration, (in-situ) technical analysis and materials chemistry for conservation 

Dr Hanna Hölling


Intersection of material culture studies, art history and conservation; modern and contemporary art and media; notions of materiality, changeability, time, and archive




Research Assistants


Liz Woolley

Liz Woolley


Assessing the impact of LED lighting on pigments and paper in collection

Lucia Melita

Lucia Melita


Cellulose Derivatives and their Environmental Response

PhD Students

Stefani Kavda


Cleaning of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) Objects in Design Collections: A Study of Gel-based Cleaning Systems.

Amarilli Rava


Readhesion interventions on wall paintings: assessment of penetration, deposition and bond strength of organic, water-based adhesives on lime-based secondary supports

Vladimir Vilde


Comparison of Painting Lining Methods for Historic House Environments