History of Art


HART0205 Colonial/Modern: Indigenous Art Past and Present - Indicative weekly topics

Indicative Weekly Topics

Week 1: Before Columbus: Indigenous Art before Europeans

Week 2: Resistance and Survival in the Colonial Americas

Week 3: Representing the Other: European Imaginaries 

Week 4: Mutual Misunderstanding: Indigenous Representations of Europeans

Week 5: Theorizing Hybridity and Loss

Week 6: The Anthropological Eye: Nineteenth-Century Explorers and Race Science

Week 7: Collecting the “Pre-Columbian”: the Idea of the “Indian” in European and U.S. Museums

Week 8: Photographing the Nation: Martín Chambí and Indigenous Peru

Week 9: Indigenismo and Peruvian Modernism

Week 10: Indigenous Andean Artists Today: Reclaiming Folk Art, Challenging Modernist Aesthetics

Week 11: Nationalism and Indigeneity: Mexico’s National Museums and National Institute of Culture

Week 12: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Indigenous Mexico

Week 13: Aztecs and the Maya at the Movies: Apocalypto, Indiana Jones, and Black Panther

Week 14: Cannibalism Part 1: The Colonial Period

Week 15: Cannibalism Part 2: Brazilian Film

Week 16: Cannibalism Part 3: Brazilian Modernism and Contemporary Artists

Week 17: Playing Indian: U.S. Nationalism and Whiteness

Week 18: Land Sovereignty and Protest    

Week 19: Repatriation, Museums, and Memory 

Week 20: Global Indigeneity