History of Art


HART0177 German Art, 1450-1600 - Indicative Weekly Topics and Suggested Reading

Indicative Weekly Topics:
Week 1. Temporal and Geographical Frames
Week 2: Was There a Northern Renaissance?
Week 3: Welsch vs. Deutsch
Week 4: German Senses of the Past
Week 5: The Impact of Print
Week 6: Commerce, Diplomacy, and Humanism: The Portraits of Hans Holbein
Week 7: Artistic Ego-Documents: The Case of Albrecht Dürer
Week 8: Fashion and Self-Fashioning
Week 9: Collectors and their Cabinets
Week 10: Renaissance Misogyny
Week 11: Art Histories of the Reformation
Week 12: The Image Question in Christian Art
Week 13: Luxury and Mimesis as Provocation
Week 14: Artists and Reform
Week 15: Iconoclasm
Week 16: Prints and Propaganda
Week 17: Making Art in the Reformation’s Wake
Week 18:  Defining Protestant Art
Week 19: Landscapes, Soundscapes, Smellscapes: New Research on the Senses in the Reformation World
Week 20: Legacies of the Reformation within Art History

Suggested reading:
•    Susie Nash, Northern Renaissance Art (2008) 
•    Jane Campbell Hutchison, Albrecht Dürer: A Biography (1990)
•    Peter Moser, Lucas Cranach: His Life, His World, His Pictures (2005)
•    Cranach Digital Archive
•    Lyndal Roper, Living I Was Your Plague: Martin Luther's World and Legacy (2021)
•    W. G. Sebald, After Nature (2002), p. 1-37
•    Dorothea von Mücke, "History and the Work of Art in Sebald's After Nature," (2011)