History of Art


HART0168 Civilizations of the Book - Indicative Weekly Topics and Suggested Reading

Week 1: Why study illuminated manuscripts?

Week 2: Writing Technologies in the Ancient World

Week 3: Reading and Illustration in the Late Roman World

Week 4: Early Christian Art: Dura Europos & the Catacombs

Week 5: The Birth of the Codex

Week 6: Christian Manuscripts in the Latin West: New Testament Illustration

Week 7: Christian Manuscripts in the Latin West: Old Testament Illustration

Week 8: Approaches to Manuscript Illumination

Week 9: Christian Manuscripts in the Byzantine World: New Testament Illustration

Week 10: Christian Manuscripts in the Byzantine World: Old Testament Illustration

Week 11: The Syriac Tradition

Week 12: Manuscript Illustration in the Syriac World: The Rabbula Gospels

Week 13: The Armenian Tradition

Week 14: Manuscript Illustration in the Armenian World: The Etchmiadzin Gospels

Week 15: The Coptic Tradition

Week 16: Treasure Bindings and Liturgy

Week 17: The Ethiopic Tradition

Week 18: Manuscript Illustration in the Aksumite World: The Garima Gospels I & III

Week 19: Visit to the British Library

Week 20: Navigating the Codex

Suggested Reading