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HART0113 Place, Space and the Imagination: Reviewing the Italian City c. 1300- - Summer reading list

Reading list

Please read whatever you can over the summer from the following list of extracts:

M. Baxandall, Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Florence, Oxford: OUP (1972), and re-editions, Chapter 2, ‘The Period Eye’ [though part of a short, very important book you may want to acquire in paperback]

Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space, trans. D. Nicholson-Smith, Oxford: Blackwell (1991), Chapter 1 [really worth buying this in paperback, trying for a student discount, if you can’t access online]

Michel de Certeau, ‘Walking in the City’, in The Practice of Everyday Life, trans. Steven Rendall, Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press (1984), Chapter 7.

Marvin Trachtenberg, ‘Framing and Grounding Urbanism in Theory and the Arts’, in Dominion of the Eye: Urbanism, Art, and Power in Early Modern Florence, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (1997), Chapter 4.

Richard C. Trexler, ‘The Ritual of Celebration’, in Public Life in Renaissance Florence, 2nd Edition, Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press (1991), Chapter  8.

Sharon T. Strocchia, ‘Theaters of Everyday Life’, in Roger J. Crum & John T. Paoletti (eds), Renaissance Florence: A Social History, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2006), pp. 55-80 (and other articles in this volume esp. Gaston)

E. Muir and R.F.E. Weissman, ‘Social and Symbolic places in Renaissance Venice and Florence’ in eds. J.A. Agnew and J.S. Duncan, The Power of Place: Bringing together Geographical and Sociological Imaginations, Boston 1989

And for a social historian’s take on Venice (very interesting but using paintings rather innocently) see Filippo De Vivo, ‘Walking in the early modern city: Mobilizing the spatial turn. The case of sixteenth-century Venice’ from I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance, Spring 2018