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HART0079 Art and Visual Culture in Modern South Asia - indicative weekly topics

HART0079: Art and Visual Culture in Modern South Asia

UCL History of Art, Year 3 BA Special Subject Option, Autumn-Spring 2020-21; Tuesdays 2-4pm

Suggested Reading:

Indictive Weekly Topics:

  1. Decentering Modernism in South Asia
  2. Modern Legacies of the Mughal Miniature
  3. British Artists in India and the Power of the Picturesque
  4. Company School Painting and the Crisis of Artistic Subjectivity
  5. Kalighat Painting and the Art of the Bazaar 
  6. Photography and the Colonial Gaze 
  7. Raja Ravi Varma, A National Artist?
  8. Swadeshi and Aesthetic Discourse in South Asia
  9. The Bengal School of Painting 
  10. Critiques of the Bengal School 
  11. Santiniketan, the Subaltern, and the Sculpture of Ramkinkar Baij
  12. Feminism, Subalternity, and Retakes: Amrita Sher-Gil
  13. Gendered Iconographies of the Nation
  14. Midnight’s Children: The Progressives and the Lahore Art Circle
  15. The Crisis of Partition
  16. Partition and the Present
  17. Architecture, Nation-Building, and the Nehruvian Ideal
  18. The Baroda School 
  19. Globalization and Installation Art in Modern South Asia
  20. Bhuphen Khakhar: You Can’t Please All at Tate Modern