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'New Palette' Podcast Series with Wen Xiao

Meet the people who make UCL History of Art Department an exciting place to be! Wen Xiao interviews Dr Anais Da Fonseca and MA students Novuyo Moyo and Josephine Nardecchia.

Episode 1: Dr Anais Da Fonseca

Meet the people who make UCL History of Art Department an exciting place to be! In the first episode of “New Palette”, Dr Anais Da Fonseca will share her journey of becoming an art historian of South Asia - from a background in fashion design! Both coming from countries with strong culinary cultures, Wen (Chinese) and Anais (French) certainly have something to say about British food – why is England’s national dish called ‘chicken tikka masala’?! Isn’t that…an Indian name? Click the video to find out!

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Episode 2: MA student, Novuyo Moyo

In the second episode of “New Palette”, Wen invites her classmate Novuyo Moyo to talk about her journey before and during the MA program here at History of Art department.

  • What does it feel like coming back to study after working in a cooperate?
  • How do we navigate through the current living crisis?
  • And, of course, our podcast’s “must-have”, food! We challenge you to pronounce “umxhanxa” with us! 
  • Just a quick cooking tip: the texture of Zimbabwean yellow melon is similar to that of butternut squash, which means you can get an impression of umxhanxa in the UK too.

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Episode 3: MA student, Josephine Nardecchia

In the final episode of this year, we speak to Josephine Nardecchia, who is one of our part-time MA students and currently works in the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

  • What does it feel like to be a part-timer in the History of Art Department? 
  • How to juggle between work and study? 
  • What is the biggest difference between a BA and an MA degree in History of Art? 

Josephine has a lot to share!

Of course, we will have a chit-chat of food – life is not easy, but tasty meals help your brain and body stay well to cope the challenges.

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