History of Art



2014 Autumn Term

Date Speaker Title
Thursday 6 November
Sarah Wade
A Wonderful Hunting Museum? Art Orienté Objet at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
Thursday 27 November
Danielle Dufort
The Woman at the Window: Jacobus Vrel, early modern subjectivity, and the Modern viewer

2015 Summer Term

Date Speaker Title
Tuesday 9 June
Thalia Allington-Wood
Semantic, Material and Historical Slippage at the Sacro Bosco of Bomarzo
Wednesday 10 June
Olivia Tait
Self-Invention & Unmasking the Familial: polke/richter richter/polke (1966)
Tuesday 16 June
Euan Robson
'LORD I Have Loved the Glory of Thy House': The Forgotten Experience of English Romanesque Architecture
Wednesday 17 June
Rebecca Whiteley
Imagining the Unborn Child: Birth Figures in England, 1540-1680
Thursday 18 June
Rosa Goodman
Mobilising the Sacred: Professional Sculpture in Renaissance Italy
Tuesday 23 June
Anna-Maria Kanta
Early Fluxus and the Ends of Communication: The Example of Wolf Vostell's Journal decoll/age
Wednesday 24 June
Conor Kissane
Space, Time and Martyrdom: Mediations between Body and City in Counter-Reformation Rome