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Our Research

Click the links below to view ASE's library of publications, including open access monographs and grey literature, and our ongoing projects.
A pile of books fills the frame, showing partial front covers. They include titles such as “The Horse Butchery Site”, “How Houses Evolved”, and “Alien Cities”. Their front covers have a uniform style and depict different archaeological finds/sites


Archaeology South-East publishes the results of our projects and research in a variety of formats and outlets, from multi-site monographs to short notes in popular magazines.

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Details of ongoing and past projects where you can find information and links to project outputs.

An audience listens to a presentation being given by a man at a lectern, looking at a PowerPoint presentation showing archaeological finds like pottery.

UK Archaeology seminar series

Find recordings of our joint Insitute of Archaeology / Archaeology South-East thematic seminar series on UK Archaeology.