Advanced Research Computing


Advanced Research Computing Centre

ARC is UCL's research, innovation and service centre for the digital tools, practices and systems that enable science and scholarship.

The application of computational and data approaches to research and discovery is both a research field in its own right - sometimes called e-Science - and a vital area of infrastructure, tools and skills for the modern research team. ARC is UCL's department for this domain; as we innovate and discover new methods and tools for computationally empowered science and scholarship, we will deploy them as platforms and services for UCL and beyond.

We are an innovative hybrid with both professional services and academic missions, delivering reliable and secure infrastructure and services to UCL research groups. We are also a laboratory for research, teaching and innovation in the application of advanced computational and data-intensive research methods, working in partnership with academics from all fields, winning grants and writing papers.

In particular, we are a home for the research technology professionals - data scientists, informaticians, research software engineers, HPC systems engineers, dev-ops specialists, data engineers and data stewards - who support and collaborate in the delivery of team-based UCL research, providing outstanding career development opportunities for these new kinds of research professionals.

As we build and grow, ARC will also offer a full range of taught modules in the methods of computational science and digital scholarship which can be included in UCL degree programmes.

That we are both researchers and technology professionals is the key to our success; find out about our People and their expertise to see what we can offer.

If you would like to work with us or have any questions, please email arc@ucl.ac.uk