UCL Antimicrobial Resistance


UCL Antimicrobial Resistance

It is not fanciful to suggest that we may be on the threshold of a ‘post-antibiotic’ era. The alarming rise and spread of antimicrobial resistance is one of the gravest threats to the future of humankind. We face the very real prospect of untreatable infections, and the possibility that routine medical procedures we currently take for granted are impossible to perform because of our inability to control infection.

UCL has always sought to apply its formidable intellectual resources to major global challenges. Antimicrobial resistance is one such challenge. As well as world-leading expertise in medical and public health research in the School of Life and Medical Sciences, we can draw upon the complementary skills and experience of colleagues in disciplines such as engineering, chemistry and computer science: addressing such a complex threat will require cross-disciplinary approaches.

We also have a unique collection of clinical resources and expertise available to us, through our associated hospitals. The UCLPartners network extends this clinical reach, and underpins strong academic collaborations with partner institutions with exceptional research strengths.

We are thus well placed to carry out the full spectrum of research on antimicrobial resistance –spanning laboratory, clinical, epidemiological and behavioural studies. All these avenues must be explored if we are to combat this profound threat to human health.