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Saving Images and Archiving

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Sonosite S Nerve

  • Enter a patient ID number by pressing "Patient" from the main screen and selecting New/End. Press "done".
  • Whilst performing your block, press "save" to store a single image, or press "clip" to store a 60s clip of the block (it starts recording from the moment you press clip, and you can tell it has stopped recording when the disc drive symbol turns blue)
  • (optional) Review your images by pressing "patient" then "review" and delete any unwanted images. Then press "new/end" to store.
  • To archive images, insert a USB key (formatted in FAT32) into the USB slots at the back of the S Nerve. On the "review" screen, press Exp. USB and choose which patients you wish to save (you cannot choose an individual image). Wait until the blue USB symbol has stopped flashing, and the on screen prompt has gone before removing your USB key as you could corrupt it.

GE Logic E