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Patient Involvement Group: Patients, Surgeons & Anaesthetists working together

As Surgeons and Anaesthetists we believe patients should have access to outstanding care using modern techniques. 

We also recognise there are aspects of surgery, anaethesia, pain medicine and critical care that require more research, as our knowledge is incomplete. In some areas there are uncertainties about the benefits of particular approaches or treatments.

We are inviting patients that have experienced  surgery, anaesthesia or intensive care to help us as partners in our research. The commitment required is entirely up to the individual, but could include attending meetings, advising us on the appropiate phrasing of public leaflets, suggesting the direction of our research or acting as co-investigators. If you are have been anaesthetised, had surgery, been in intensive care or are generally interested we'd love to hear from you. Please do get in touch with Rob Stephens who is coordinating this group.

We will be regularly inviting our patient-partners to our research meetings, where they can be completely involved in whatever aspect of the projects concerns or interests them.

Case Study: Patient-Partners driving study design.

Some of our patient representative-partners, who recently underwent surgery, have been pivotal in the design of a novel risk-stratified, patient-driven study in preoperative assessment. One experienced preassessment before low risk surgery which he felt left him uncertain as to the role of preassessment clinic. Another patient/partner's impression of the detailed assessment before high-risk surgery was a highly reassuring, fully informative experience which resulted in him approaching the perioperative journey with clarity. His preoperative assessment experience equipped both himself and his perioperative team with precise and detailed risk assessment well before further multidisciplinary team discussions. Both these aspects of the preassessment spectrum shaped our planned study, which will answer some important questions.

More Information

The Royal college of Anaesthetists has information leaflets including data on risk.

Any more suggestions please email Rob Stephens

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