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Surgical Outcomes Research Centre: SOURCe

Aim- to be a source of expert advice within and outside UCLH on risk adjustment and outcomes analysis for the surgical specialities

Our main page is now at http://uclsource.com/
About SOURCe

The advice we give is based upon

  • the results of research and audit studies looking at risk adjustment and outcome measures
  • a parallel program of process evaluation and implementation testing conducted in partnership with clinicians

We aim to achieve this in a timely, pragmatic and rigorous manner

Our current core projects are

  • the development and validation of a Post-Operative Morbidity Score
  • a comparison of POSSUM and a novel scoring system for the prediction of mortality and morbidity following major surgery

Established in April 2000 with a grant from the Special Trustees of UCLH NHS Trust we are now funded by a capacity grant from the UCL/UCLH Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre. 

We are an independent research group working closely with clinicians and clinical governance departments.

Staff Ramani Moonesinghe, Prof Monty Mythen, Prof Mike Grocott, Denise Wyndham, Ernesto Bettini, and many fellows

Ongoing Studies:

Using cardiopulmonary exercise testing as a risk stratification tool for patients undergoing major colorectal surgery, Funded by NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Grant Programme; multi-centre randomised controlled trial; PI Dr Mike Grocott 

Future work with funding secured:

  1. Evaluation of the implications of the European Working Time Regulations on patient safety - joint research fellow post between SOuRCe, the NIAA's Health Services Research Centre and the London Clinic. 
  2. Evaluation of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in orthopaedic surgery: joint project between SouRCe and Professor Fares Haddad
  3. Several other short and long-term research projects based on evaluating clinical risk factors for adverse peri-operative outcomes available 

Please contact Dr Ramani Moonesinghe on ramani.moonesinghe[at]uclh.nhs.uk if you would like further details or to apply for any of these research posts

Risk Calculator Here's a link to the SORT risk calculator we were involved in


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Our main page http://uclsource.com/



Contact ramani.moonesinghe[at]uclh.nhs.uk