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Dr Roman Cregg FRCA PhD

Clinical Research Training Fellow, National Institute Academic Anaesthesia 2009-2012

Academic Registrar in Anaesthesia, UCLH


Dr Roman Cregg was an Academic Clinical Fellow based at University  College London. He qualified with Honours in 1998 from Lviv State Medical University, Ukraine. He gained his PhD in 2012

In 2008 Roman was awarded a Research Fellowship by the National  Institute of Academic Anaesthesia for his PhD project "Molecular  mechanisms of human pain."

Roman is looking into the loss + gain of functional mutations associated with dramatic  pain phenotypes. In addition, he is exploring subtle differences in human
pain perception and variability in response to known analgesics.

Roman is coordinating an exchange project & conference in his home country , Ukraine


C/O Alison Lambert
Centre for Anaesthesia
Room 436, 4th floor
Former Nurses Home
74 Huntley St
London WC1E 6AU

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Report on second British-Ukranian Symposium

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