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Welcome to our offer holder page!

Welcome to our offer holder page!


Here you will find videos and resources that will allow you to learn more about our degree programmes and the experience of studying at the Institute of the Americas. We hope you enjoy the content and look forward to getting to know you in our live Q&A sessions!  

Welcome to the Institute of the Americas

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Why choose the Institute of the Americas?

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Subject showcase


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International relations of the Americas

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United States Studies

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Globalisation and Latin American development

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Latin American Studies MA / Latin American Politics Msc 

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Caribbean and Latin American Studies MA 

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Postgraduate Module Videos

AMER0023: Confronting the Colossus: US Anti-imperialism, 1945-present (Leader: Dr Nick Witham)

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AMER0040: 'The Making of Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Society' (Leader: Professor Paulo Drinot)

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AMER0019: Skid Row to Obamacare: The Politics of Social Welfare in the US since 1900 (Leader: Professor Jonathan Bell)

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AMER0043 Challenging the Straight State: Regulation, Repression and Resistance in US Sexual Politics (Leader: Professor Jonathan Bell)

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AMER0002 Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (Leader: Dr Graham Woodgate)

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