UCL Institute of the Americas


Wen Ma

MSc International Relations of the Americas, 2018-19

Wen Ma
I really enjoyed my time at the Institute of the Americas. The facilities, well-trained staff, and excellent teachers all helped me to complete my study successfully. The curriculum at the Institute is very professional, ranging from the depth of research in each field to the breadth of global affairs. When it came to the methodology of research problems, the professors at the Institute did not stick to a certain method, but encouraged us to make bold attempts, which was very enlightening to my study. In this way, my supervisor Tony McCulloch gave me great help during the completion of my dissertation, letting me open the door to academic research.

The MSc International Relations of the Americas programme provides a good platform for students to communicate. As an international student, in a country I had never been to before, I was able to have a relaxed and comfortable study space, not only with native students, but also with students from all over the world. UCL also provides students with abundant resources and an excellent environment, especially as it is located in London. I had access to lots of fascinating things, which was very beneficial to broadening my horizon. Although focusing on the Americas, the Institute is open, inclusive and international. I highly recommend international students to pursue academic careers here.