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Graduate Research Funding


The main sources of funding for postgraduate research at UCL Institute of the Americas are as follows:

Information on these funding schemes is given below, but please note:

  • All of these schemes require you to submit an application for admission to our doctoral programme at UCL: apply here.
  • Before applying, always ensure that you have checked your eligibility for the particular funding scheme, and that your project fits the subject criteria
  • Your chances of success both in your application and in obtaining funding will be much diminished if you have not discussed your research plans in detail with your prospective supervisor. and candidates are strongly advised to get in touch with potential supervisors as early as possible.

UCL Research Opportunity Scholarship

Applications to this scheme are now open!

UCL’s Research Opportunity Scholarship (UCL-ROS) is offered in partnership with the Windsor Fellowship and is intended to support BME postgraduate research degree students. It is open to prospective students and current students. Deadline: 14 January 2022

Application process: Prospective candidates must apply for admission to UCL’s doctoral programme by no later than 14 January 2022. Visit the UCL online application webpage here. Please indicate in the Funding section of your application form that you wish to be considered for this scholarship. Both prospective students and current students should contact the Institute of the Americas programmes officers (ia-programmes@ucl.ac.uk) by the deadline to indicate that you wish to be considered for this scholarship.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON DEADLINES: You are strongly advised to contact your potential supervisor/s well in advance of the deadline indicated above, to discuss your application. For full details of the scheme, eligibility criteria, and how to apply see here.

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Arts and Humanities Research Council studentships (AHRC) / London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP)

Applications to this scheme will open on NOV 29, 2021 | click here for more information

UCL is a participant in the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP). LAHP offers approximately 90 postgraduate studentships per year across the participating institutions and a wide range of arts and humanities subjects. They are typically awarded to applicants with excellent academic track records and strong research proposals.

Deadlines and application: note that the application process has two parts:

  1. Applications to UCL must be submitted in advance of the LAHP deadline - see below. In order to be considered for AHRC funding, applicants must tick the relevant box to indicate they wish to be put forward for this funding. Visit the UCL online application webpage here.
  2. LAHP application formApplicants must also apply to the LAHP via their online application portal. The form and access to the portal should be made available by LAHP from November 29, 2021. Please consult their Studentships website periodically. Submit your application to UCL by  17 January 2022; the deadline to submit your application to LAHP is no later than 5:00pm, 28 January 2022
  3. The nominated primary supervisor will also be required to submit a statement of support.

For details of the scheme and how to apply, please read the LAHP guidelines here.

Information sessions

There will be 3 information sessions taking place on the following dates:

Tuesday the 9th November 2021 4-5pm

Tuesday the 23rd November 2021 2-3pm

Tuesday the 7th December 2021 11-12pm

Places can be booked using the following link: Information session registration

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Economic and Social Research Council studentships  / UCL, Bloomsbury & East London Doctoral Training Partnership (UBEL DTP)

Applications to this scheme are now open!

This ESRC-funded scheme brings together five leading London academic institutions including University College London (UCL), Birkbeck University and the University of East London (UEL). This scheme offers over 40 funded studentships across the participating institutions. Studentships comprise full-time fees (UK/EU) and maintenance. 

  • Candidates can apply under various subject pathways. The UCL Institute of the Americas is represented in the Economic and Social History pathway, and can co-supervise projects in other relevant pathways such as Politics and International Relations. For details of the scheme, eligibility, pathways, and how to apply, please carefully consult the UBEL-DTP guidelines  
  • Candidates applying for primary supervision at the Institute of the Americas should submit their application through the Economic and Social History pathway.

Deadlines and application: note that the application process has three parts: 

  1. You must submit your application for admission to UCL's doctoral programme by 13 December 2021. Note: applications must include full information on qualifications and residential eligibility. Applicants must also arrange for proposed supervisors to send a supporting note to the graduate tutor, Professor Gareth Davies. Visit the UCL online application webpage here.
  2. Submit a preliminary application via the DTP application portal The deadline to submit a preliminary application is Monday 10th January 2022 23:59 (GMT). 
  3. If you are successful at the preliminary stage, you will be invited to submit a full application. The deadline for the full application is Monday 28 February 2022 23:59 (GMT).

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The UCL Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS) and Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS)

Applications to this scheme are now open!

Deadlines and Application: note that the application process has two steps, both of which have a deadline of 14 January 2022.

  1. Apply for admission to UCL if not already registered on a UCL doctoral programme.
  2. Submit scholarship application documents to UCL Institute of the Americas. Application materials should be submitted to the departmental Senior Teaching Administrator, Antonella Silvestro, on ia-programmes@ucl.ac.uk. Clearly indicate in the subject heading of the e-mail that you are applying for the GRS/ORS scholarships.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON DEADLINES: While the deadline for applications to the doctoral programme is 14 January 2022, you must contact your potential supervisor/s well in advance of the deadline indicated above, as they will need to submit a reference endorsing your application by the same deadline. You are strongly advised to finalise your application materials before the Christmas break.

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The Wolfson Scholarship

Applications to this scheme are now open!

  • For the 2022/2023 academic year there will be a maximum of 6 awards offered in total.
  • The intention is that Wolfson Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students who demonstrate the potential to make an impact on their chosen field. Wolfson Scholarships will be awarded solely on academic merit. Ideally, the successful students would aspire to an academic career.

Eligibility: The Wolfson scholarships are open to both UK and Overseas applicants.

  • Wolfson Scholarships will be available in three disciplines that align closely with the Foundation's interests: History, Literature and Languages.
  • The awards are available for doctoral research only, and will be paid over three years (or up to six years part time). For full-time students, it is expected that students complete their doctorate in three years.
  • Students should have an outstanding academic record, usually a first class honours degree at undergraduate level and a Master's degree from a recognised university in a cognate field of study to their proposed doctoral research.

Level of award

  • The funding available covers a stipend, fees and a research allowance. Each student starting in 2022-2023 will receive a total of £90,750, which equates to £30,250 per annum.

Definition of subject disciplines: The three disciplines that the programme covers may be broadly defined. 

  1. History - As well as broad-based historical and historiographical studies, this may include such areas as classics, history of art, or architectural history, provided the research is grounded within historical methodology. 
  2. Literature - As well as literary and textual studies, this may include research that involves critical theory or film and other visual media, provided there is a literary element within the research (e. g. translation of literature to screen). This does not include creative writing.
  3. Languages- Research should be in applied languages other than English, rather than linguistics. It may involve the study of literary or historical texts (where these are not in English). Students receiving scholarships under this stream may be based within non-language departments (for example, history or anthropology departments).

Point of contact

  • Candidates should inform the UCL Institute of the Americas Graduate Tutor - Research, Professor Gareth Davies, that they would like to be considered for the Wolfson scholarship.

Deadlines and application

Potential candidates who wish to be considered for this award must apply to UCL by 14 January 2022 and must submit additional documentation to the programme officers at the Institute of the Americas by the same date (ia-programmes@ucl.ac.uk). The additional documentation comprises: 

  1. A research proposal of no more than 1000 words
  2. A letter from the proposed supervisor confirming that they are willing to supervise the specific project outlined. It is the candidate’s responsibility to remind the proposed supervisor to submit this letter by the 14 January 2022 deadline.

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Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Applications to this scheme are now open!

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation provides scholarships annually to current MPhil/PhD students (or candidates who have been accepted into a full-time doctoral programme) who carry out research in areas related to the Foundation's four themes in the social sciences and humanities:

  • Human Rights and Dignitiy
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Canada and the World
  • People and their Natural Environment

Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants pursuing full-time doctoral sudies in Canada or foreign institutions. Candidates must be already accepted into or in year one or two of a full-time doctoral programme, and expected to complete their doctoral studis in 2025 or later. Applications are to be made directly to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation by 21 December 2021, 17:00 EST. Visit their webpage for detailed information on key dates, eligibility, selection process and other considerations.

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For other scholarships available to Graduate Research Students at UCL please see the UCL Scholarships Finder.

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