UCL Institute of the Americas


Dr Jaskiran Chohan

Incorporating and contesting the Corporate Food Regime in Colombia: agri-food dynamics in two Zonas de reserva Campesina (Peasant Reserve Zones)


PhD Completed in 2019 | > UCL Discovery - open access


Dr Graham Woodgate and Dr Par Engstrom

The PhD looked to ground the Global Corporate Food Regime in the country case study of Colombia. Dr Chohan used this framework to provide a contextualisation of Colombia's food system. This  illustrated the conditions in which the figure of the Zona de Reserva Campesina (ZRC) exists. This legal figure looks to empower grass-roots rural organisation, encourage environmentally friendly farming methods, as well as control and use land according to localised practice. The thesis comparatively analysed campesino agricultural practices, economy and impacts on local ecologies within two localised case studies: the ZRC of Valle del rio Cimitarra and the ZRC of Cabrera, to underline the different regional processes and histories that very much influence outcomes and agricultural realities.