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Congratulations to Agis Papageorgiou on his successful viva

17 April 2023

Dr Agis Papageorgiou

We are delighted to announce that Agis Papageorgiou has passed his PhD viva with very minor corrections and did so in record time. In his thesis entitled US interventionism in Greece during the early Cold War, 1947-1974: a consequentialist interpretation Agis explored the ethics of US Cold War foreign policymaking towards Greece – and beyond – and challenged conventional narratives on the matter while exploring the extent to which superpowers with strong value systems operate on a different set of ethics compared to weaker states, particularly in great power competition settings.

Agis said about his research at UCL’s Institute of the Americas: “In my mind, the past few years looked like big ocean – and occasionally rogue – waves that I just had to catch and ride, no matter what. My supervisors’ consistent support, UCL Americas’ care, and the fantastic opportunity that I had to teach at both UCL and LSE, made it all even more worthwhile and enjoyable. This final academic year in particular – or the last and biggest wave, if you like – turned out to be not just good, but one of the most thrilling, fulfilling, and adventurous periods of my life for several reasons, exceeding every expectation that I had back in Athens, during the first chilly days of September. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure through and through, and I can’t wait for what’s to follow, on all fronts.”

Agis’ external examiner was Professor John Dumbrell, while his internal was Professor Gareth Davies. His primary supervisor was Dr Tony McCulloch and his secondary supervisor was Dr Nadia Hilliard.

Congratulations, Dr. Agis Papageorgiou!



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Dr Agis Papageorgiou