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Congratulations to Phoebe Martin on her successful viva

6 October 2022

Photo of Phoebe Martin celebrating her viva

We are thrilled to announce that Phoebe Martin has successfully defended her PhD thesis. Phoebe's thesis was titled ‘Visual and Embodied Politics: Activism and the Contemporary Feminist Movement in Peru’ and looked at the role of contemporary creative activist interventions broadly conceived to include practices ranging from performance to digital media, to quotidian actions. It argued that through these contemporary feminist activism in Peru targets cultural and societal change and moves away from strategies specifically targeting the state and legal change.

Phoebe says about her time at UCL Institute of the Americas: 'I have been at the Institute since 2015 when I started my MA in Latin American studies, and it has been an amazing place to undertake this academic journey, and I have been very lucky to have such great supervisors! I am now off to the University of York to start as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Politics with Dr Harriet Gray, on the project ‘The Comfort Women and the Silence Breakers: Memorialising Sexual Violence as Feminist Politics’'

Phoebe's primary co-supervisors were Professor Jelke Boesten (KCL) and Professor Paulo Drinot, with Professor Maxine Molyneux (both UCL Institute of the Americas) as subsidiary supervisor. Her examiners were Professor Vikki Bell (Goldsmiths) and Professor Verónica Gago (Universidad de Buenos Aires), who praised Phoebe for her contribution to feminist studies and Latin American studies.

Congratulations to Dr Martin. We wish her every success in her next undertakings!



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Dr Phoebe Martin celebrating her successful viva