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Iwan Morgan's article on recent US Supreme Court's controversial decisions

28 June 2022

Photograph showing the portico of the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC; and a welcome notice

Professor Iwan Morgan (Emeritus) has had a comprehensive article recently published by The Sunday Times, in which he analyses the impact of two recent controversial rulings by the US Supreme Court (one on the regulation of carrying concealed weapons, the other marking the overturn of the Roe v Wade ruling on abortion rights), and how this institution has placed itself at the heart of America’s political polarisation and raised dangerous questions about its own constitutional and democratic legitimacy.

The article in full is available (£) on The Sunday Times website.


Professor Iwan Morgan
Professor Iwan Morgan

Iwan Morgan is Emeritus Professor of US Studies, University College London - Institute of the Americas, and author of FDR: Transforming the Presidency and Renewing America (Bloomsbury, 2022). Read more here.


The Sunday Times | website link to the article in full

Professor (Emeritus) Iwan Morgan | academic profile


[top to bottom] Photograph of the portico of the Supreme Court building with a 'welcome' notice ©PBS NewsHour; Professor Iwan Morgan