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Fernando Posada candidate to represent Bogotá in Colombia's Chamber of Representatives

27 January 2022

Fernando Posada

We are delighted to share exciting news from our alumnus Fernando Posada, who is now a candidate to represent Bogotá in Colombia's Chamber of Representatives for the period of 2022-2026. His party is the recently reborn Nuevo Liberalismo, founded in the late 1970s by the presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán, who fought against the drug cartels and was killed by Pablo Escobar in 1989. Fernando seeks to represent the Colombian youth as a voice of a new generation in Congress. His campaign slogan is 'Más oportunidades para los jóvenes' (roughly, 'More opportunities for young people'), a programme that includes projects for the remuneration of internships and the improvement of working conditions and access to public education for the youth. He is also committed to the protection of the peace process signed in 2016.

Born in Bogotá in 1992, Fernando Posada is 29 years old and has worked for the last seven years as a political journalist and analyst for different media sources like El Tiempo and RCN Radio. He obtained a degree in Political Science at Universidad de los Andes in 2015, where he was elected twice student representative. At UCL Institute of the Americas, he graduated from the MSc Latin American Politics, where he was also appointed student representative. 

To find more about his project, here are the links to his social media and web page:





We are pleased to share news from all our alumni, such as Fernando Posada and his budding political career in Colombia, but we would like to clarify that this should not be construed as UCL's or the Institute's tacit endorsement or support for Fernando's party's political programme, aims or activities, or for its ideological tenets.


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Fernando Posada