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We welcome Dr Enrique Castañón Ballivián to our academic team

22 April 2022

Dr Enrique Castañón Ballivián

We are excited to announce that Dr Enrique Castañón Ballivián will be joining the Institute of the Americas in September 2022 as Lecturer in International Development. Before obtaining his PhD, Enrique spent several years working as a ‘development practitioner’ for prominent development organizations such as Oxfam, the Irish charity Trocaire, and other local NGOs in his home country of Bolivia. During those years, he was involved in various initiatives to tackle the impacts of climate change and promote sustainable development in Latin America. This substantial working experience in International Development feeds directly into Enrique’s teaching practice. His interdisciplinary work advances a political ecology research that is firmly rooted in the theoretical foundations of agrarian political economy. He focuses on the process of agrarian change brought about by the expansion of agribusiness in the Amazon region.

Dr Enrique Castañón Ballivián comes to UCL Institute of the Americas after four years as Lecturer in Development Studies at SOAS University of London. At UCL Americas, he will be facilitating modules at UG and PGT levels, on themes such as political ecology in Latin America, globalisation and Latin American development. Find out more about Dr Castañón Ballivián's career, research interests and numerous publications via the link to his academic profile page.

We are looking forward to adding his expertise to our already broad portfolio of key disciplines to study, research and understand the Americas of our time. Bienvenido!


Dr Enrique Castañón Ballivián  |  academic profile

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Dr Enrique Castañón Ballivián