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Iwan Morgan on Biden's First Hundred Days

29 April 2021

As President Biden's first Hundred Days in office comes round on 30 April, there has been considerable analysis of how he measures up to his hero, Franklin D Roosevelt

Joe Biden's First 100 Days

'In his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination on 20 August 2020 Joe Biden referenced Franklin D. Roosevelt’s success in rescuing depression-hit America through the New Deal as his lodestar for rescuing a pandemic-hit nation through activist government. Since he became America’s 46th president, commentators have made frequent reference to his historical parallels to the 32nd president' writes Iwan Morgan, Emeritus Professor of United States Studies at UCL Institute of the Americas, in this article for student-led platform DecipherGrey.

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Professor Iwan Morgan
Professor Iwan Morgan

Emeritus Professor of US History in the UCL Institute of the Americas. He is the author of Reagan: American Icon (2020 paperback ed.) and he has a forthcoming book, FDR: Transformational President in Depression and War, both published by I.B. Tauris.


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Article in full | DecipherGrey website

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