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Paulo Drinot on Quino's Legacy

5 October 2020

Paulo Drinot on Quino

Professor Paulo Drinot (UCL Americas) was recently interviewed by Peruvian news programme Cuarto Poder on the life and work of Quino, the creator of the Mafalda comic strip. Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, the Argentinean cartoonist better known as Quino, passed away on September 30 2020. His passing has been broadcast by news outlets throughout the world. Here is the BBC report.

Professor Drinot discussed the influence of Quino’s family history on his politics – recalling their experience as Republican exiles who migrated to Argentina after the Spanish Civil War. According to Professor Drinot, both in Mafalda and in his other graphic work, Quino demonstrated a clear commitment to social justice and anti-authoritarianism. Professor Drinot’s work on comics in Latin America was published in a volume he co-edited titled Comics and Memory in Latin America (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017). It is also available in Spanish, published by Cátedra.

Paulo Drinot is Professor of Latin American History at UCL Institute of the Americas

Adios Quino


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Professor Paulo Drinot - academic profile


Top - courtesy of P Drinot

Bottom - ©Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón (Quino)