UCL Institute of the Americas


Maxine Molyneux at Canning House event on domestic violence during lockdown

19 May 2020

Maxine Molyneux discusses the escalation of domestic violence under lock-down and examines how the situation is affecting vulnerable people in Latin America and the UK.

From left to right: Canning House artwork for the event; photo of Maxine Molyneux

With Latin America joining much of the world in implementing lockdown measures to mitigate against the spread of Covid-19, there is heightened concern regarding what unintended consequences may be occurring behind closed doors. Maxine Molyneux, Professor of Sociology at UCL Institute of the Americas and Canning House Associate Fellow analyses this pressing issue with Gabriela Quevedo, Director of Latin American Women's Aid at this online event organised by Canning House to take place on June 3. More information and registration details in the links section below.