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Studies of the Americas series – two new publications

2 August 2019

We are delighted to announce the arrival of two new publications in the Studies of the Americas series.

Book covers for 'Motherhood, Social Policies and Women's Activism in Latin America' and 'Cuba, from Fidel to Raul and Beyond'

Cuba, From Fidel to Raúl and Beyond

Book cover for 'Cuba, From Fidel to Raúl and Beyond'

This book analyzes the economic reforms and political adjustments that took place in Cuba during the era of Raúl Castro’s leadership and its immediate aftermath, the first year of his successor, Miguel Díaz-Canel. Faced with economic challenges and a political crisis of legitimacy now that the Castro brothers are no longer in power, the Cuban Revolution finds itself at another critical juncture, confronted with the loss of Latin American allies and a more hostile and implacable US administration.

Written by Vegard Bye, Partner at Scanteam a.s., an Oslo-based consulting company. 

Motherhood, Social Policies and Women's Activism in Latin America

Book cover for 'Motherhood, Social Policies and Women's Activism in Latin America'

This book is a critical resource for understanding the relationship between gender, social policy and women’s activism in Latin America, with specific reference to Chile. Latin America’s mother-centered kinship system makes it an ideal field in which to study motherhood and maternalism—the ways in which motherhood becomes a public policy issue. As maternalism embraces and enhances gender differences, it has been criticized for deepening gender inequalities. Yet invoking motherhood continues to offer an effective strategy for advancing women’s living conditions and rights, and for women themselves to be present in the public sphere. In analyzing these important relationships, the contributors to this volume discuss maternal health, sexual and reproductive rights, labor programs, paid employment, women miners’ unionization, housing policies, environmental suffering, and LGBTQ intimate partner violence.

Written by Alejandra Ramm, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Universidad de Valparaíso and Associate Researcher at the Social Sciences Research Institute (ICSO) at the Universidad Diego Portales (UDP), Chile and Jasmine Gideon, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at Birkbeck, University of London, UK.