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Public Seminar Series: Cybersecurity Governance in Latin America

29 November 2023, 4:30 pm–6:00 pm

Book cover Carlos Solar

Join us for a public seminar series featuring speaker Carlos Solar

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Institute of Americas
Room 103
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Join us for a public seminar series featuring speaker Carlos Solar 

Dr Carlos Solar is Senior Research Fellow in Latin American Security at The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). His current research focuses on geopolitics, international security and military studies. He is the author of Cybersecurity Governance in Latin America (SUNY Press), Governing the Military (Manchester University Press), Government and Governance of Security (Routledge), and co-edited Violence, Crime and Justice in Latin America (Routledge).

 Cybersecurity Governance in Latin America discusses how the massification of the Internet has exposed emerging democracies' high-tech vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks and questions why states have decided to introduce policies and legislation facilitating the militarization of cyberspace. Carlos Solar offers a comparative analysis using the cases of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela to help navigate the changing security landscape and the growing risks found in the digital domain. His analysis includes a review of civilian and military preparedness emphasizing the ongoing alliances with the world's superpowers to finally debate what are the side effects for peace and development in the Americas from the current cybersecurity rivalry between the United States and China. Providing a much-needed account of state-technology affairs in the global south Cybersecurity Governance in Latin America challenges scholars and policymakers to rethink the protection of cyberspace to avoid unnecessarily sacrificing rights and freedoms in the name of national security.

Chair: Dr Francesca Lessa

Mark your calendars for 29th November at 16:30- 18:00 Room 103 51 Gordon Square