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Our Steps Come from Afar: Afro-Diasporas in Brazil and the Voices and (Re)existence of Black Women

24 February 2022, 3:00 pm–4:30 pm

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Situating Black Feminist Thought in the Brazilian context brings insightful concepts about the importance of standpoints and knowledge production emerging from Latin America. ‘Our steps come from afar’ is a notion created by Jurema Werneck to explain how the Black Feminist epistemology is weaved through ancestral knowledge, Afro-Brazilian cosmovision and activism. Beyond resisting the racist colonial violence, the Brazilian Black feminism sheds light to counter narratives of coloniality, practices of refusing the place racism allocates to black people and daring to imagine-build a future other-wise.  

About the Speaker

Dr Katucha Bento

Lecturer in Race and Decolonial Studies at University of Edinburgh

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