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“Plantation” and the Rise of Capitalist Agriculture in the Seventeenth-Century English Atlantic

21 October 2021, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

IHR NorthAm History

An event part of the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) North American History Seminar Series

This event is free.

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Institute of Historical Research University of London

Speaker: Paul Musselwhite (Associate Professor of History, Dartmouth College)

Paul Musselwhite
Paul Musselwhite is a historian of early America with a particular focus on the political economy of early plantation societies in North America and the Caribbean. He received a B.A. in Modern History from Lady Margaret Hall in the University of Oxford, and a PhD from the College of William and Mary. At Dartmouth he offers a range of courses that focus on the emergence of European empires in the Atlantic world, the construction of colonial societies in the seventeenth century, and the evolution of political and economic thought in British America.

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