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Book Launch: Los feminismos en América Latina

03 March 2021, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm

Minima Historia de Feminismos

Join Dr Patricio Simonetto (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at UCL Institute of the Americas) to host this conversation with the book's author, Dora Barrancos, and Mexican scholar Gabriela Cano

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Los feminismos en América Latina brings the history of women rights struggles to a broad public. In an extraordinary effort of synthesis, Dora Barrancos reviews proposals and actions that were undertaken by a variety of women's collectives: from the formulation of the first feminisms to the unprecedented experience of our times. 

During this virtual event, Dora Barrancos and Gabriela Cano will discuss with Patricio Simonetto the history of Latin-American feminist movements, as well as, their role in the current political scenario. 


Dora Barrancos holds the posts of full professor at Buenos Aires University, Principal researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Argentina), and advisor to Argentina's president Alberto Fernandez. She is author of several books on gender history such as Mujeres en la sociedad argentina. Una historia de cinco siglos (2007) and Moralidades y comportamientos sexuales: Argentina, 1880-2011 (2014).

Gabriela Cano is a professor at El Colegio de México. She specialises on gender and sexuality in Mexican history. Her current research focuses on feminism and transmasculine identities in the twentieth century. She is co-editor of Gender, power and politics in Modern Mexico (Duke University Press) and Se llamaba Elena Arizmendi (2010).

Dora Barrancos
Professor Dora Barrancos

Gabriela Cano
Professor Gabriela Cano

Los feminismos en América Latina (2020) is a title part of the prestigious collection Historia Mínima, published by El Colegio de Mexico. NOTE: the book is currently only available in Spanish. This event will be conducted mostly in English, but where interpretation from Spanish might be required, this will be provided by UCL Americas PhD candidate Phoebe Martin, with our gratitude.


Los feminismos en América Latina - link to publisher's website

Patricio Simonetto - academic profile

Phoebe Martin - PhD profile


[top] Cover of the book Los feminismos en América Latina - © El Colegio de Mexico

[bottom, from left to right] photos of Professor Dora Barrancos and Professor Gabriela Cano