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Sustainable Peace and Human Rights in Colombia

27 February 2019, 6:15 pm–8:30 pm

Sustainable Peace and Human Rights in Colombia

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Daisy Voake


Room D 103
Student's Union
25 Gordon Street
United Kingdom

The implementation of the Peace Accord with the FARC provides an opportunity to advance peace, human rights and gender equality through key structural changes in Colombia. What are the new challenges and obstacles facing Colombia following the 2018 elections? What progress has been made on the implementation of the gender-inclusive peace agreements?

Join a conversation with Colombian Human Rights Defender Rosa Emilia Salamanca (Corporation for Social and Economic Research - CIASE), Myriam Ojeda (Initiatives for Peace) and Louise Winstanley (ABColombia).

ABColombia will launch its new report on the implementation of the gendered agreements in the Colombian Peace Accord. The event includes a screening of a short documentary about families of victims of forced disappearance in Colombia.

Moderator: Prof. Maxine Molyneux, former Director of the UCL Institute of the Americas

The event will consist of an interactive dialogue between the audience and the speakers:

  • Rosa Emilia Salamanca - Colombian Human Rights Defender, Corporation for Research, Social and Economic Action (CIASE), Colombia
  • Louise Winstanley - Programme and Advocacy Manager, ABColombia
  • Myriam Ojeda - Initiatives for Peace and Diaspora Women

About the Speakers

Rosa Emilia Salamanca

Rosa Emilia Salamanca is the director of the Corporation for Research, Social and Economic Action (CIASE), a Colombian peacebuilding organisation with a special focus on women’s rights and strengthening public policy. She was one of the key women who played a part in the Colombian peace process and the final negotiations in Havana, which resulted in the signing of what has been called one of the most gender-inclusive peace agreements in history.

Louise Winstanley

Louise Winstanley is the Programme and Advocacy Manager at ABColombia, the joint human rights advocacy project of five British and Irish agencies with projects in Colombia: CAFOD, Christian Aid UKI, Oxfam, SCIAF and Trócaire. ABColombia members work with approximately 100 partner organisations in Colombia, mainly Indigenous Peoples, Afro-Colombian communities, peasant farmers and women.

Myriam Ojeda

Myriam Ojeda is an artist and political activist from Colombia. From international platforms such us Agenda Internacional De Paz and Foro Internacional De Víctimas, Myriam’s activism has been focused in raising public interest for Colombian’s efforts of of peace, reconciliation and social justice. Since the peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian government hundreds of Human Rights Defenders and Social Leaders in Colombia have been killed. Myriam is part of various international networks and multidisciplinary groups of exiles and non-exiles in the diaspora that work to expose the very serious situation of human rights violations across the country’s most vulnerable regions.