UCL Institute of the Americas


AMER0065: Voting in the Americas

***NOT RUNNING IN 2022/23***


Module leader: Dr Malu Gatto

Credits: 30

Term: tbc


This module explores the extensive literature on elections and voting behaviour, which sit at the core of the political science discipline. With a focus on the Americas, the course examines a series of key questions, specifically: Why do people vote? When do they vote, why, and for whom? As the course will show, answering these questions is more difficult than it seems! Throughout the year, the course will discuss the circumstances under which partisanship, beliefs, information, emotions, utilitarian incentives—and even weather!— influence voter behaviour and electoral outcomes. Besides gaining knowledge about the rich and important literature on voting behavior, the course will also use the assigned readings and related primary sources to discuss the main elements of (conducting) political science research. Throughout, students will have the opportunity to make their own contributions to the literature by writing a 10,000-word dissertation based on original research. (This module can be linked to the dissertation for students writing a compulsory final year undergraduate dissertation, and will include a set of dissertation writing workshops.)

Assessment pattern

Written examination (3 hours)                        100%

NOTE: Assessment forms may change from one academic year to another. Please consult with the Teaching Administration Team