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Jameela Raymond

Jameela was a Globalisation and Latin American Development MSc student in the years 2013-2015.

Jameela Raymond
I chose the MSc Globalisation and Development in Latin America, because I wanted to see how Latin America's experiences aligned with the rest of global history and I've always been interested in issues of underdevelopment and how to approach the problems that underpin it.

When applying for the MSc I made an early decision to carry out the course part-time (over 2 years rather than 1); the Masters was more than another qualification, and I was determined to finish the course with an income and some practical work experience to move forward with my career.

I secured a Research and Projects Internship at Transparency International UK (the UK chapter of Transparency International-TI) in March 2014. Transparency International (TI) is a global anti-corruption coalition and functions as a bottom-up movement, with people on the front lines of corruption (in all of its various forms) tackling it through methods most appropriate to their country. The internship varied day to day: I met with ambassadors and diplomats, wrote submissions to parliaments, investigated allegations of grand corruption, engaged with other NGOs and CSOs, and so much more. After my internship I was invited to stay and help TI's Defence and Security Programme with developing their 2015 Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index, which measures the anti-corruption efforts being made in defence, security and military sectors in 136 countries across the world. Now, I work on TI-UK's Advocacy and Communications team, as the Public Engagement Officer. I work closely with a diverse mix of sectors and individuals, to broaden the impact of TI-UK's research and encourage more people to get involved in the fight against corruption. Although balancing the job with the Masters is sometimes difficult, it's definitely made easier by my genuine passion for the issues I work around.

If you're interested in working for TI-UK, keep an eye out for employment opportunities here, or if you want to know more about how you can get involved non-professionally, feel free to contact me on jameela.raymond@transparency.org.uk