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UCL Wellbeing Blog #4 - Four tips for coping with lockdown

Dr Patrice Baptiste (Medicine, 2013) is a GP, entrepreneur and champion for diversity within the medical profession. Here she gives her four top tips for coping in lockdown.

Patrice Baptiste

Patrice's four top tips for coping in lockdown

1. Stay connected: I am encouraging others to stay positive through calls and social media. Also, building my YouTube channel has provided me with an outlet during this time - I post videos to help people stay positive.

Calls, whether video or telephone, enable people to still feel connected to one another and therefore contribute to boosting morale and mood. I think using calls regularly throughout the week to check up on loved ones especially and also as the primary way to conduct any work or business helps people feel less like they are in limbo and more able to get on with their lives.

2. Find a creative outlet: My YouTube channel has become higher up on my list of things to do because it is definitely a creative outlet whilst also enabling engagement with other people in a positive way and sharing knowledge to help others. I would definitely suggest people stick to one thing that they can develop or learn a new skill such as a language.

3. Be Aware: I have broadened my knowledge and understanding of other people’s perspectives and experiences. I think a lot of people are realising that they need to become creative to stay connected to others and for their own mental health. This in addition to being able to create or continue some form of online financial income.

4. Plan ahead and know this won’t last forever: Knowing that this is not going to last forever and thinking about all the things I will do after the lockdown. It's important to look ahead to what positive things are awaiting us in the future. Although we need to adapt to a more digital future, we are human and we will always need some form of human contact with others.