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Current Student Profiles

We welcomed our first cohort in September 2019 and we are continuing to grow. Here are some of their profiles.

2019/20 Cohort


Felix Biggs, supervised by Benjamin Guedj

Image of Felix Biggs









Samuel Cohen, supervised by Marc Deisenroth


Augustine Mavor-Parker, supervised by Lewis Griffin

Augustine Mavor-Parker










Luca Morreale, supervised by Niloy Mitra

Luca Morreale







Jas Semrl, supervised by Robin Hirsch

Jas Semrl









Dan Stoddart, supervised by Iasonas Kokkinos

Jingwen Wang, supervised by Lourdes Agapito

Changmin Yu, supervised by Neil Burgess 

Changmin Yu










Jakob Zeitler, supervised by Ricardo Silva

Jakob Zeitler







2020/21 Cohort


Reuben Adams, supervised by Benjamin Guedj

Yue Feng, supervised by Emine Yilmaz

Yue Feng

Dennis Hadjivelichkov, supervised by  Dimitrios Kanoulas 

denis Hadjivelichkov

Alex Hawkins-Hooker, supervised by David Jones

Jean Kaddour, supervised by Ricardo Silva

Jean Kaddour

Oscar Key, supervised by Francois-Xavier Briol

Robert Kirk, supervised by Tim Rocktaschel

Robert is interested in reinforcement learning, natural language processing, meta learning and all the intersections thereof. He wants to understand how we can learn how to learn reinforcment learning policies, and how using information stored in natural language can increase the generalisation and sample efficiency of reinforcement learning algorithms. He's supervised by Tim Rocktäschel and Edward Grefenstette as part of the UCL DARK Lab.

Robert Kirk

Linqing Liu, supervised by Pontus Stenetorp

Linqing Liu

Yicheng Luo, supevised by Marc Deisenroth

Mirgahney Mohamed, supervised by Lourdes Agapito
Mirgahney H. Mohamed is a PhD student at University College London working on 3D computer vision and uncertainty estimation. He obtained his master's degree in Machine Intelligence from AMMI - African Master in Machine Intelligence at AIMS, and undergrad in Statistics and Computer Science from University of Khartoum Faculty of Mathematical Science."

Mirgahney Mohamed

Antonin Schrab, supervised by Benjamin Guedj

Antonin is interested in designing new algorithms from theoretical results such as generalization bounds. He works on PAC-Bayes and kernel methods with Benjamin Guedj and Arthur Gretton. His research interests include PAC-Bayesian-motivated algorithms for training generative models, generalization bounds for deep neural networks and kernel-based aggregated testing procedures. Prior to starting his PhD, he completed the MSc Machine Learning at UCL and obtained his Master of Mathematics from the University of Oxford.

Antonin Schrab

Oliver Slumbers, supervised by Jun Wang

Yuchen Zhu, supervised by Matt Kusner

Sicelukwanda Zwane, supervised by Marc Deisenroth

Sicelukwanda Zwane