Offering your skills and knowledge to new business

Do you have skills and knowledge you think could help new businesses? At UCL Advances, we can connect you together with them to bring benefits to everyone.

Offering your skills and knowledge to new business

Our programmes

  • App Lab UCL's exclusive app store showcasing tomorrow's apps today, App Lab offers groundbreaking opportunities for digital businesses and the ...

  • Balloon Kenya Work with ambitious entrepreneurs in Kenya to grow businesses that change lives. 

  • Be a Business Mentor Help ambitious entrepreneurs realise their vision through business mentoring.

  • Citrus Saturday Citrus Saturday gives young people the chance to learn about entrepreneurship by running their own business with support from student ...

  • Communicating Science to Business Communicating Science to Business is a three-part mini-course that gives you the skills and knowledge you need to convey your ...

  • DECIDE for UCL Staff and Students Connecting UCL to London’s thriving startup scene and supporting the university’s digital developments.

  • Entrepreneurship Guest Lectures A diverse programme of guest lectures from leading entrepreneurs and investors.

  • London Entrepreneurship Online London Entrepreneurship Online is a free entrepreneurship education video resource from UCL that supports entrepreneurship teaching and training.

  • Mentor Training and Development Courses that support the professional growth of mentors for small businesses and start-ups.

  • Secondments Giving UCL staff a chance to promote engagement in knowledge transfer through secondments. 

  • Student Consultancy Projects Gain hands-on consultancy experience with the Student Consultancy Projects.