Samantha Vanderslott

Lead Researcher for INTER-CEP



Samantha is designing and managing the research project 'INTER-CEP' on international comparisons of entrepreneurship policy and intervention. INTER-CEP stands for UCL's International Centre for Entrepreneurship Policy and was established in 2012 alongside www.intercep-com, a database of case studies of entrepreneurship projects ranging from tax and immigration policy to finance, competitions, networks and mentoring.  It is the first such source of information on entrepreneurship with examples from government, the private sector and philanthropic organisations, with the intention of provoking policy debate, sharing expertise and informing future interventions.

Samantha is a PhD candidate at the Department for Science and Technology Studies at UCL.  Her research focuses on innovation, policy and global public health, with a background is in economics, having studied Economics and International Development at the University of Bath followed by an MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford.  After this she also spent three years in the public sector working at the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills, specialising in entrepreneurship and venture capital policy.