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Supercomputing 23

Welcome to the UCL digital SC23 booth! If you would like to carry on the conversation from the conference, all the details of staff, posters and presentation can be accessed from here.


Meet the Team

Prof James Hetherington, Director of UCL ARC.j.hetherington@ucl.ac.uk
Prof Peter Coveney, Professor of Physcial Chemistryp.v.coveney@ucl.ac.uk
Prof Andrea Twonsend-Nicholson, Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biologya.townsend-nicholson@ucl.ac.uk
Donna Swann, Deputy Director of UCL ARCdonna.swann@ucl.ac.uk
Ben Smith, Senior Agile Delivery Manager, UCL ARCbcs.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Tuomas Koskela, Principal Research Software Engineer, UCL t.koskela@ucl.ac.uk
Michael Holliday, Principal Research Infrastructure Developer, UCL ARCm.holliday@ucl.ac.uk
Ben Thomas, Principal Research Infrastructure Developer, UCL ARCb.a.thomas@ucl.ac.uk
Ilektra Christidi, Senior Research Software Engineer, UCL ARCilektra.christidi@ucl.ac.uk
Ellie Watters, Agile Deliver Manager, UCL ARCe.watters@ucl.ac.uk
Jamie Quinn, Senior Research Software Developer, UCL ARCjamie.quinn@ucl.ac.uk
Reuben Martin, PhD Candidatereuben.martin.18@ucl.ac.uk
Ignacia Fierro-Piccardo, PhD Candidatemaria.piccardo.19@ucl.ac.uk
Xiao Xue, Research Fellowx.xue@ucl.ac.uk



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Our Posters

Interested in joining the team?

Would you like to be involved in ARC's future?  We have a number of opportunities open, visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/arc/vacancies 

Our latest case studies 

Simulation software advancing the discovery of new catalysts

Simulation software advancing the discovery of new catalysts

Prof Michail Stamatakis from UCL Chemical Engineering developed Zacros to simulate molecular phenomena on catalytic surfaces, but the code needed further work to run effectively on HPC platforms.

How Fast is My Supercomputer?

How Fast is My Supercomputer?

Application benchmarking is a crucial activity in the UK’s path to Exascale, ensuring future systems are understood so that scientific applications can take advantage of the new opportunities offered.

Electronic Health Records at your Fingertips

Electronic Health Records at your Fingertips

Among other things, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence means we need live health record data suitable for use in both research and clinical applications.