Advanced Research Computing

Prof Serge Guillas

Prof Serge Guillas

Professor of Statistics

Dept of Statistical Science

Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Joined UCL
15th Aug 2007

Research summary

Prof. Serge Guillas is investigating Environmental Statistics, and Uncertainty Quantification of complex computer models. Applications to tsunami and climate are carried out with his PhD students and a postdocs.

As Chair of the UCL- Met Office Academic Partnership, he supports multiple collaborations with researchers at the Met Office, and is currently interested in particular in the extension of weather and climate models using Data Sciences and Machine Learning: Uncertainty Quantification, Bayesian Calibration, Data Assimilation, with e.g. applications to upper atmosphere and cloud modelling. S. Guillas also collaborates with the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) on modelling nuclear fusion, the clean energy of the future.

He is currently leading a project with the Universities of Exeter, Oxford and Warwick on Uncertainty Quantification of multi-scale and multi-physics computer models at the Alan Turing Institute. He also founded and leads the Uncertainty Quantification interest group of the Alan Turing Institute.

He has been leading multiple projects on tsunami risk for India, Indonesia, USA and Canada.

Teaching summary

S. Guillas teaches from introductory to advanced courses in Statistics, with an emphasis on Computational Statistics. He created in 2016 a new postgraduate course on Spatial Statistics as part of G019 "Selected Topics in Statistics".


S. Guillas is currently Met Office Joint Chair in Data Sciences for Weather and Climate, leading the UCL Met Office Academic Partnership.

S. Guillas obtained his PhD (Paris 6 Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, France) in 2001. Then he was Postdoctoral Research Associate (Centre for integrating Statistical and Environmental Science) at the University of Chicago, USA over 2002-2004, AssistantProfessor (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) over 2004-2007, and joined UCL as Lecturer 2007-2009, Reader 2009-2016, and Professor since 2016.

He was vice-Chair of the SIAM activity group on Uncertainty Quantification over 2015-2016.

He is currently UK representative and Chair of the Working group on Uncertainties in the EU COST action “Accelerating Global science In Tsunami HAzard and Risk analysis” (AGITHAR, 26 countries).