Advanced Research Computing

Dr Jonathan Cooper

Dr Jonathan Cooper

Head of Research Software Engineering

ARC Research Software Development Group

UCL Centre for Advanced Research Computing

Joined UCL
21st Nov 2016

Research summary

I am interested in the application of software engineering to computational biology, having worked mostly on the use of domain-specific languages to describe mathematical models of biology, and the tools required to make these usable for researchers. I now work as a Research Software Engineer more broadly, supporting researchers in developing high quality software to improve the reproducibility, sustainability and impact of their research. In leading the RSE group at UCL, I work to design the career structures and ways of working to allow these and other research technology professionals to flourish, and so maximise the effectiveness and impact of research, both at UCL and internationally.


University of Oxford
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2009
University of Oxford
First Degree, Bachelor of Arts | 2004


I took over leadership of the Research Software Development Group from its founder in 2018, having joined in 2016 after 12 years as a researcher at the University of Oxford. There I was joint lead developer for the Chaste computational biology software, and creator of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Web Lab. I also set up and led a cross-University grass roots network for Research Software Developers at Oxford, was co-Director of the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre, and lectured XML for Oxford's part-time MSc in Software Engineering.