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We at Advanced Research Computing are pleased to offer a number of internships throughout the year working alongside a range of our research staff spanning our five job families.More information on the current research and roles that are undertaken can be found via our vacancy page.

Current Projects:


Developing algorithms to interpret genomic datasets through protein misfolding

Protein misfolding calculations are well established as a tool for interpreting genomic variants. As computational costs come down, computational saturation screens, where all possible mutations are considered have become tractable and made such analyses powerful tools for developing predictive models (Shorthouse et al, 2021 JCIM). However, the reliability of these calculations appears highly gene-specific, and the sensitivity of the analysis to the experimental structure used is poorly understood. In this project we will develop algorithms for assessing the quality of predictions through a detailed comparison with megascale experimental folding data (from Tsuboyama et al, 2023 Nature). We will go on to apply our algorithm to well-studied genes such as NOTCH1 and TP53 to explore how it influences analysis of genes without experimental data on misfolding. 

Start date: June 3rd 2024

End date: July 26th 2024

If you are intrested in applying for an internship, or have further queries, please submit your C.V. and a covering letter to ARC@ucl.ac.uk by 5:30pm on Friday April 26th. 

  • We additionally offer placements through the in2Science programme for more info please visit their website at In2research - In2scienceUK