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A platform for data transfer which allows you to efficiently transfer folders of data to internal and external collaborators.


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Key Features

  • From kilobytes to petabytes, this service provides an efficient and reliable way to move data
  • Ensures a secure pathway to transfer data between research partners
  • Is capable of cross-institutional collaboration
  • Automatic restart or continuation when transfers are disrupted such as connection interruption or insufficient storage space
  • Automated data transfers can be set up and scheduled


Globus is a data transfer tool which allows large amounts of data to be scheduled for transfer and is typically used for moving data between research organisations. As a service it enables fast, secure, transfers of research data between institutions which can be done in a variety of ways such as live via the web browser application, sheduled or automated to cope with growing data volumes.

Globus is particularly useful when transferring large files and high volumes of data, ensuring that performance is optimized and transfers monitored.

The service does offer an option to set up a multi-user endpoint, which we are working to set up for services including the RDSS alongside a ‘Science DMZ’ enabling fast and secure transfers of research data. Please keep an eye out for updates on this!


We can provide support and help with personal endpoints, shared endpoints and using all features of Globus. Contact us at researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk .

Alternatively, Globus have their own contact group to help with any issues using the service at support@globus.org .

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