Advanced Research Computing


Data Scientists

Would you like to generate, manage, explore, infer, validate, analyse, and visualise complex data?

Research Data Scientists (also known as Data Scientist, Machine Learning Specialist, Computational Statistician, Data Wrangler, Bioinformatician, Data Analyst):

  • Conduct collaborative research to extract knowledge and insight from datasets using a variety of mathematical, statistical and computational approaches.
  • Develop software and scripts to implement these analyses in robust and reproducible ways.
  • Work with research infrastructure developers to deploy these to production.


You will, in all subject areas, provide data science expertise and services to world-leading research teams, training researchers in best practices, and working with scientists and scholars to build workflows, analyses and software to meet new research challenges. With such a varied job we don’t expect our candidates to know it all from the start. It is an excellent opportunity to develop new skills, spending time to study both the research areas we support and the specialist technologies applied. 

In addition, ARC aims to help you develop your own research ideas in data science and connected areas. You will be able to set up research initiatives, bid for funding, exchange/collaborate within ARC themes across a range of novel digital research. 

At senior levels you will take on a leadership role within the department, either technically or managerially, helping to guide the vision for this strategically important area for UCL. You may lead the technical design for complex projects or new services, spearhead the development of new courses, manage data science projects, and/or mentor and supervise other group members.