Advanced Research Computing


Data Science

Research Data Science role in ARC is multifaceted. First and foremost, it involves developing new research ideas and methodologies for decision support based on extensive data analysis and computational science, combining skills in such subjects as Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing. In addition to advancing the theory of these subjects, ARC Research Data Scientist collaborate with various departments within the University and stakeholders outside it (including NHS, government, industry), helping other researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to derive knowledge, formulate hypothesis and answer research questions in a wide range of domains such as Healthcare, Medicine, Education, Economics, Finance, Politics, to name a few.

As such, Research Data Scientists at ARC are also experts in existing Data Science techniques such as natural language processing, computer vision, data visualisation and statistical analysis. Other tasks undertaken by Research Data Scientists at ARC include developing research grant proposals to fund research, writing research papers to disseminate research results, implementing software and scripts to enable reproducible and open research, deploying developed data science pipelines into production, contributing to knowledge exchange and educating others. 

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Dr. Yevgeniya Kovalchuk

Head of Data Science - Principal Research Scientist

Dr. Devaraj Gopinathan

Senior Research Data Scientist

Dr. Sanaz Jabbari 

Senior Research Data Scientist

Sam Molyneux

Assistant Research Data Scientist

Dr. Dimitra Salmanidou

Senior Research Data Scientist

Sagar Uprety

Senior Research Data Scientist


Dr. Matt Graham

Senior Research Data Scientist

Ed Lowther

Senior Research Data Scientist

Nik Khadijah Nik Aznan

Senior Research Data Scientist

Zakaria Senousy

Senior Research Data Scientist