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Get Involved: CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee

Applications for the 21/22 CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee 1st Year Rep, LLM Engagement Officer, and Events Research Officer are now closed.

23 September 2021


The CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee are a group of UCL Laws students who assist the CAJ in all aspects of their mission to promote access to justice and involve students in pro bono. 

In previous year the Committee has had many significant acheivements organisng the first UCL Student Refugee Food Festival, panel events on topics including Counter-Terrorism Law, homelessness, and the hostile environment for migrants. They have also organised several successful fundraisers including a bake sale for the Climate Justice Fund and the London Legal Support Trust as well as the Academics v Students debate in support of Kalayaan. 

Each committee receives significant logistical and advisory support from CAJ to achieve their aims and objectives for the year. As such, getting involved with the committee represents an exciting opportunity for students to get involved with promoting pro bono and access to justice issues both to audiences within and outside of the UCL student body.

About the Committee 

Students are encouraged to visit the CAJ Student Pro Bono Committee (CAJ SPBC) page to learn more about Committe and the current members. 

For more information about the Committee Roles, please review the

Recruitment for 2021/22 now closed.

1st Year Representative

  • The 1st Year Representative is responsible for supporting with the day to day administration of the Committee including organising meetings, taking meeting minutes, and keeping track of the budget. The 1st Year Rep will also work with other Committee members to provide support for activities and events 

LLM Engagement Officer 

  • The LLM Engagement Officer will be responsible for increasing awareness of pro bono opportunities for LLM students as well as promoting engagement with Committee and CAJ events and activities. 
  • The LLM Engagement Officer may also work with the LLB Engagement Officer to coordinate focus groups and design surveys to understand student needs around pro bono and evaluate the effectiveness of Committee activities.

Events Research Officer (Working under the Events and Fundraising officers)

  • Responsible for supporting the Events Team in organising events for the academic year. This support could be in the form of but not limited to email drafting, researching and co-hosting events. 
  • The Officer will liaise with the Events and Fundraising officers, and if needed, with the larger committee and external partners to ensure the smooth running of events.
  • Specifically in response to the recent pandemic, the officer is expected to have an up-to-date knowledge of regulations to fully support the running of events during these times. 
  • If you have questions about the Committee or the roles, please contact caj.spbc@ucl.ac.uk