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Fight NOT Flight: Challenging the hostile environment for migrants in the UK

21 November 2019, 6:30 pm–8:00 pm

Fight not Flight

This event will explore how legal practitioners and migrant communities are challenging the policies of the Hostile Environment in the UK.

This event is free.

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Student Pro Bono Committee


Hong Kong Alumni Room
Bentham House
4 - 8 Endsleigh Gardens
United Kingdom

Come along to the UCL Student Pro Bono Committee’s first panel discussion of the year: “Fight NOT Flight: Challenging the Hostile Environment for Migrants in the UK”. We look forward to welcoming notable speakers from backgrounds of both law and social welfare to discuss the current issues facing migrants within the UK, as well as how our speakers are combating these discriminatory measures within their chosen field.

The evening’s discussion will focus on the Home Office’s choice to introduce “hostile environment” policies, whereby a series of government measures have been undertaken to make staying in the UK for migrants without leave to remain as difficult as possible. Our speakers will discuss the substantial consequences this has had in various sectors including access to healthcare, application for family reunification and the social and welfare rights of migrants. Our panelists’ real-life expertise in the matter will help to better our own critical understanding of how the policy works in practice, as well as showcasing their efforts to challenge it.

Whether you are a student interested in how to get involved in the world of immigration law, or simply looking to further understand the injustices facing migrants in our country today, this event is open for all! There will be a Q&A session after the discussion for you to ask our panellists any questions you may have, and there will be opportunities to network over a reception after the event.

The SPBC hopes to welcome you on 21 November, 2019!